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What do I need to rent a car?

Some companies will also ask you for an International Driving Permit (IDP), but usually your updated license will suffice.

The holidays have already begun and we all want to go on a trip. Whether it's to the mountains, the beach or another state, we always ask ourselves what will be the best, fastest and most comfortable way to get there. We will also take into account if we will be few or more than five people. Before all doubts, we will always try to find a car to rent, before traveling in one of the passengers. But why do it and what do I need to rent a car?

Car rental in Mexico

In our country, car rental is quite common, even though prices tend to be quite high in some cities. Many apps and travel agencies are based in airports and major city areas to meet high customer demand. The advantages of renting a car instead of using your own is that we will have greater availability of vehicles, space for more passengers, recent model units, up-to-date maintenance and car insurance.

What do we require to rent a car?

When renting a unit, at Renta Fast we have different requirements to make the rent effective. First of all, we ask that you make your reservation at least one or two days in advance. When delivering your documentation, we will carry out a small verification at your address, in order to corroborate the data provided. The requirements are as follows:

Minimum age

Many car rental companies in Mexico have determined the minimum age to rent a car is 25 years of age. This is because they gain more confidence when renting a car to people older than this age, regarding the care of the unit, the trips they will make and the return of the vehicle. In some cases, even if a minor person books the unit, they will make you pay extra charges. In Renta Fast, the minimum age to rent a car is 21 years old, as long as the requested paperwork is delivered in order.

Official identification

To rent a car, you need an official identification that you will present at the counter or in the office. It is very important that said information has a photograph, as a guarantee that it is the same person and, especially, when they reside in another country. In the case of Renta Fast, we request your INE or valid Passport.

Proof of address

It is very common that in Mexico they ask you for a proof of address for any procedure you carry out. Through this document, companies ensure that your address matches the one on your official identification and you will have a better chance of being chosen as a candidate for rent. This is also a guarantee of the return of the vehicle or, at least, where to go in case of collection of extra charges or other needs.

At Renta Fast we request that proof of address be for water, electricity or (landline) telephone, no older than three months. In the case of being a foreigner, you can give our sales advisors the reservation voucher at the hotel where you are staying, the reservation of your round trip flights or other documents that can validate the return of the vehicle.

Current driver's license

Some car rental companies require that drivers have a valid driver's license with a minimum of two years of experience. Renta Fast only needs your driver's license to be valid at the time of making the contract and for all the days you rent the vehicle. If you come from another country, you can also rent with us using your valid driving license, we only reserve the right of admission in case the information provided does not coincide with each other or the verification of the address has not yielded convincing and positive data.

Some companies will also ask you for an International Driving Permit (IDP), but usually your updated license will suffice.

Credit card

Almost all car rental agencies require a credit card as a deposit during car rental. This guarantee is not withdrawn from the customer's card, but rather a block is made and the expenses for accidents, collection of gasoline with the FASTGAS card and the passage through booths with our IAVE FASTPASS card, if necessary, are deducted from it.

The contract holder is the one who must provide the credit card that guarantees the contracted unit and have the necessary amount available. Renta Fast requests between $15,000 and $40,000 pesos as a guarantee, depending on the size of the unit to be rented. Credit cards, to be accepted, must be Visa, MasterCard or American Express and must be presented by the holder. If you have the credit card but do not drive, add an additional driver to your contract and provide your sales consultant with the same paperwork that you deliver in person. In our company there are no extra charges for this management.

Proof of tax situation

The proof of tax situation is the document that demonstrates the situation of a natural or legal person before the SAT. With this document, your economic situation is validated and the data related to your billing information and contribution to the Tax Administration System is obtained. This proof is only requested from the companies that contract with us, to obtain their data and be able to bill at the time of the contract.

When do I have to deliver the requested documents?

Due to our security check and the availability of cars, we recommend that you make your reservation one or two days before the day you occupy the unit. When picking up the vehicle, go to the office to sign the contract, make the guarantee deposit and pay the requested amount. Right there our advisors will give you the documentation of the car, its spare tire, proof of insurance and the FASTGAS card to recharge gasoline at any OXXO Gas in the country and pay later.


Remember that these are not the only ways to move. In Renta Fast you can also quote trips with a driver to where you need them, airport transfers, executive transfers and the movement of express parcels. In case you decide to rent some of our units, check that you have covered all the rental requirements. You can start quoting with our sales advisors through our social networks or on our contact telephone numbers.

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