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A car to work? Rental of vehicles for platforms.

Every day it is more common for people to move in platform cars than in city taxis. This may be because, if they do not have their own car, they prefer to guarantee their mobility in more modern and safer cars. As a car rental company, Renta Fast is no stranger to requests for drivers to work our cars on platforms. Although we do not yet provide this service, we want to tell you about its operation and functionality.

Who rents cars to work on platforms?

Any citizen with a valid driver's license and enthusiasm for work can opt for the option of renting a car to drive in the city. The work as a driver is very comfortable and easily helps to generate profit. For clients, their peace of mind and punctuality is very important, so they do not want to depend on a taxi or traffic, so they will prefer a previously scheduled driver. At the same time:

  • They receive high monthly earnings.

  • It is a profession with open hours.

  • Earnings are proportional to time worked

  • They are safer and more attractive to users.

What digital mobility platforms exist?

Currently and in our city, Saltillo, Coahuila, DiDi and InDriver are the most used applications for the movement of people and parcels. Somehow, they have changed the way of transportation for users, being more reliable and having a better presentation. If you are looking to rent a car, many private users offer theirs and other rental companies can help you and offer you better prices.

If, on the contrary, you want to rent your vehicle, become a member of Beepy Share.

How to be reliable for a platform car rental company?

The processes for signing contracts for vehicle leasing are getting shorter every day. Somehow, digital security has increased and the speed of document analysis has increased, therefore, it is most likely that you choose your car, deliver your digital stationery and receive a response in less than 48 hours. To do this, take into account some security measures that will be taken before delivering your vehicle.

Maintenance: Rental cars tend to be in better condition than personal vehicles, as they require constant mechanical inspections. If you have a car with you, you should probably have it serviced every 5,000 or 10,000 kilometers.

Tracking: Each unit will have a tracking system or GPS. This, in addition to being safe for the rental company, will be positive for you, by having a real record of your movements and allowing you to better calculate the prices by distance travelled.

Unit insurance: You should not worry about taking out insurance for the unit you rent. The lessor will be in charge of delivering the unit with all its paperwork in order and with third-party or comprehensive coverage insurance.

Tax reduction: Leasers can help you justify your taxes by giving you an invoice for the use of the vehicle. Decide if you will take your car for weekly or monthly rental and submit your Proof of Tax Situation for billing.


What are you waiting for to register as a driver in the city's mobility applications? The most important thing is your profits and the peace of mind of your clients on their trips. Take advantage of the latest model vehicles and employ them as your workforce. With an ideal financing plan, we are all already winning. Move with Fast Rent.

We go with you.

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