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Invoicing for vehicle rentals for companies and individuals

Do you still wonder why some people request an invoice when concluding a service or completing the purchase of a product? Easy, it is the best way to justify your expenses before the Tax Administration System (SAT) and be reimbursed when declaring your taxes. When renting a vehicle or contracting a transfer, you can also obtain your electronic invoice. For this reason, Renta Fast brings you this article where we solve each of your doubts about it.

What is an invoice?

Invoices are accounting documents where the transaction for a product or services is recorded, between natural and/or legal persons. This document, printed or electronic, includes important information for both parties and for the SAT, including the total billed cost and the taxes paid on that total. It is a legal document with tax validity.

Who can request and/or issue an invoice?

Your proof of fiscal situation or that of your company supports you when requesting an invoice, which is why it is essential to keep it updated before requesting justification of your payments for services or products. If you are a salaried natural person, businesswoman, professional, landlord, investor, government actor or legal entity with lucrative purposes (company), you can both request and issue a printed or digital invoice valid in the United States of Mexico.

What types of invoices are there?

There are several types of invoices. In our company we use ordinary invoices, made for the established amount and to private clients or companies that make the payment at the time of performing the service. We also bill customers who pay later. Corrective invoices eliminate the cost of an erroneous invoice and a new one is issued in its place.

Likewise, there are recapitulative invoices, which group several invoices to the same recipient in the same month.

What does the billing sheet include?

Thanks to the homoclave of the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC) it is possible to identify both parties to the transaction of products or services. Therefore, the issued sheet must include both RFC keys. In addition, it presents a summary of the service provided and the charge for Value Added Tax (VAT). Other elements included in your invoice are:

  • Name of the company or natural person

  • Fiscal address

  • Way to pay

  • Payment method

  • home bank

  • Bill

  • Concept

  • Date of service

  • Billed amount

What do they request for your invoice?

To justify the data generated by the rental of a vehicle, the transfer service or the movement of express parcels, at Renta Fast we will request:

  • Proof of updated tax situation

  • Email

  • Correspondence between the current address (of the person or company) and the one registered in your RFC

What is the importance of billing?

Any expense that your company or your self-employment generates, if it is not supported by an invoice, has no tax effects, that is, it does not form part of the company's real expenses. With an invoice, you get the information about what, who, how, when, where, and why a business activity took place between a customer and a business. At Renta Fast, we issue invoices daily for the companies that work with us and need to justify their expenses.

In the event of a return or claim for the use of a product or service, it is essential that you have your invoice, at least electronically. In addition, both parties must keep copies of said invoices for several years, in case any problem or legal investigation arises and can serve for clarifications and doubts.

What is the difference between a ticket and an invoice?

The purchase ticket, unlike the invoice, has no official validity. This is because it only includes the commercial data of the business where it is issued, a breakdown of the products/services and their prices, and the amount paid. However, the form of payment does not appear registered nor are other customer details known.


The cost of VAT is 16% more and is implicit in all our units and transfer services. We help you move as quickly and comfortably as possible, but we also bring you relevant information so that you know the rights you have as a client. An invoice for your service is possible, you just have to request it at the end of your service with Renta Fast.

We go with you. Service is our business.

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