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Fast Rent: choose quickly but among the best rental options

How to choose the rental car or the ideal agency to go on a trip? There are several elements that you should take into account before deciding on one or the other. We have already commented about the best options when choosing a car, such as its maintenance, fuel, allowed mileage, insurance included and much more. Today, we are going to talk about the big car rental companies and also the benefits of local agencies to hire your trip.

What to look for when choosing a car rental company?

An essential point is the number of vehicles that the lessor can put at your disposal. However, this can also work against you, as double bookings are sometimes made for the same vehicle. A company with more than 25 vehicles, like Renta Fast, can offer you personalized attention and a better quality car.

Also evaluate the number of offices they have around the country or the world. If they only have one, look up customer reviews online and response times on their social media. You can also choose a trusted driver in case you need a transfer. It guarantees your comfort, safety and the delay times in reaching your destination.

What do car rental companies request and what do they offer?

For vehicle rental, the companies request a valid INE, an updated driver's license, proof of residence of no more than three months and a credit card to open a guarantee. In exchange, they will offer you cheap, automatic vehicles with up-to-date maintenance so that you can use them on family, business or friends trips. Vehicle rentals in Saltillo have an average cost of approximately $1000 pesos per day.

Many will include third-party or comprehensive coverage insurance, however, you will have to pay extra if you want to cross the border into the United States. Also ask about the kilometers allowed during the rental, so that you do not have to pay more when you return your unit. A good car rental company will also offer to invoice the amount of your rent so that you can declare it on your taxes next year to reduce costs.

The most important thing for Renta Fast

Contrary to what you might expect, we are not your average car rental company. Our vision is to be the first and best option in mobility and transportation solutions for our clients. We are based on customer satisfaction and providing the best service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. Our sales executives will be aware of the pre, during and post rental process of your vehicle, so that the experience is unique.

We offer a personalized follow-up to your quote request by landline, cell phone or on any of our social networks.

As if that were not enough, we make sure that our units do not exceed 5 years of manufacture and are serviced every 10,000 km. We have a wide variety of cars in our fleet: compacts, sedans, minivans, vans, luxury vehicles, sports vehicles, SUVs, pick-ups and much more. As a company, we can also offer you exclusive benefits for the rents and transfers of your executives.

Why is a local car rental business important and valuable?

This type of company, whether large or small, can add a lot of value to its environment, facilitating the movement of managers, executives, and personnel who work in the area.

  • Vehicles available in your same city.

  • Arrival to events in luxury units.

  • Movement to and from the nearest airport.

  • Avoid cumbersome procedures for foreigners visiting the city.

  • Preferential rates for companies in the area.

  • Weekly and monthly costs for all users.

  • Various forms of payment are accepted.

  • Adaptation to the itineraries and specific needs of the organizations.

  • Quick replacement of vehicles in case of breakdown.

  • Priority in the reservation of units.


When you need to rent a vehicle, all precautions are few. Evaluate both the cars and the precedence of the lessors. The local business provides you with reliability according to market demand, your potential customers and the value of your fleet. Our recommendation? Always rent a vehicle when you have mobility needs between family, friends or businessmen. Live a better experience and live it with us.

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