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Car rental profitability

Have you ever wondered if it would be profitable to rent your vehicle? Many times our vehicles spend hours parked at our workplaces, without realizing that we clearly have a competitive advantage before us. This time we bring you an interesting article on the profitability of putting your vehicle on the road in the city, by renting it to other users who need it during their idle time.

Traditional car rental

Car rental companies make their work look very simple, however, to generate a certain volume of income in the year they must meet certain requirements. Here we explain which ones.

Initial investment

Yes it's correct. It is likely that the car rental will generate more than $1,000,000 pesos in the year, but for this you must have made a first investment in a large fleet of vehicles. Before investing, you must carry out an adequate market analysis, in which you identify the cars that your customers are looking for the most and that are also profitable for you, in terms of maintenance, gasoline, washing, payment of holdings, among other aspects.

Industrial zones, such as Saltillo, may require mid-range vehicles for the daily movement of their executives or luxury cars for their managers. Others, for their part, will prefer pick-up trucks for their utility movements or vans to transport personnel. Depending on your adequate investment, your income will also grow.

positive opinions

Start by spreading your small business among friends, in this way they will tell other people and good opinion will be formed among them. Always make sure to deliver the units with a full tank of gasoline, in a perfect state of maintenance and with an optimal degree of cleanliness. Upon receiving the units, ask customers for a review on any of your social networks.

Also remember that life is currently digital, so you can save time for your clients and executives by having your business online.

Additional services can speak highly of your company, such as the inclusion of insurance in the cost, VAT included or added and billing for the service, GPS and navigation, child seats, limited mileage, reservation and delivery or sooner rather than later. , weekly and monthly discounts, seasonal offers, OXXO Gas cards, TAGs for booths, among other values ​​added to the rent.

Vehicle maintenance

After your initial investment, you will undoubtedly have maintenance expenses and, in case of accidents, the repair of the units. It also has services such as water and electricity that entails the maintenance of your office, parking space and laundry. It is also important that each vehicle is insured and your administrative expenses and taxes are up to date, to avoid any loss or coverage of your activities.

Promote your business

Promoting your services is essential, so don't skimp on hiring a marketing and advertising professional to showcase your business. Design online publications, activate your website and take your business cards and flyers to conventional spaces such as airports, hotels, train and bus stations, companies, events and others where you can find potential customers. Cars are necessary for everyone, especially for:

  • Executives and managers

  • Tourists and visitors from other states

  • Users for daily commuting in the city

  • People with sudden trips out of town

Do you want to invest in a car rental company?

Much better, become a Beepy partner to start and make your vehicle available to users in your city. This application, launched from the city of Saltillo, Coahuila, but present throughout the Mexican territory, offers you the possibility of renting a vehicle from a local or putting yours on the road. If you don't yet have enough funds for a big investment, turn your vehicle's idle hours into money and action. Learn more and download the app, now you can start earning!


Car rental is not an easy business, but it is not impossible either. If you are thinking of starting your own company, it is time to win and we provide you with the main tools to take into account. If, on the contrary, you are looking for a specific car or transfer, do not doubt that Renta Fast has a large fleet at your disposal. We like you to move and move with you.

Service is our business

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