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What happens if I have an accident during the rental period?

Determined to rent a vehicle, we have already located the unit, the rental company and the departure and return dates of your trip, but how can we predict what will happen along the way? Whether you are very careful or not, an accident can happen during your contract time and it is very important that you know how to proceed so that everything flows in the best possible way.

Read your contract well

When making the contract with the car rental company, read carefully what is related to accidents and the insurance included. Each company has a protocol in case of accidents and the indications must be explicit in the contract. At Renta Fast, our contract explains your duties and rights as a tenant and our duties as a landlord. The negligence clauses explain how you should proceed in the event of an accident.

Recognize the damage

It is very important when an accident occurs that you identify the damage associated with it, both to the unit and to the people traveling in it. If it is within your means, take photos and videos and locate witnesses to the accident. This will be very useful for the report to the police, insurance and your rental company. It records the date and time of the accident and collects its color, make and model among the data of other affected vehicles. Also, approach other drivers or pedestrians and ask them about their personal and insurance information.

If it's within your means, take photos and videos of the damage before moving the vehicles, to show them to your insurer later.

Report the accident

As soon as you recognize the damage associated with the accident, quickly notify the police so that they come immediately to assist the vehicles involved and regulate traffic. On the other hand, contact the company to manage the damages, costs and even the replacement of the unit by another in case of major damage. Renta Fast is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with information and answer your questions and concerns. Finally, also notify the insurance provided by the rental agency so that they come to your aid and to assess the damage.

It is very important that health injuries are reported immediately and that physical injuries are treated as soon as possible. If it is within your possibilities, also approach the other people involved and ask them about their state of health and their knowledge of the events that occurred. Remember that it is recommended not to move the injured so as not to cause further damage.

Who pays for the damages?

At Renta Fast, all our units are insured with third party insurance. That is, all those damages associated with other vehicles on the road will be covered, while the payment for the damages in the rented unit will be the responsibility of the lessee, through the guarantee blocked to his credit card or with other payments that he decides. realize.

It is important that, whether you rent with our company or with another, you at least receive one type of car insurance. Renta Fast will also provide you with health coverage for the driver and passengers traveling with him, as long as they do not exceed the number of passengers allowed by the contracted unit. If an accident has occurred against a stopped vehicle and whose owner is not in the unit, leave a piece of paper with your personal data and those of your rental car attached to the windshield.


Renting a unit is a simple, fast and efficient solution for your trips, assistance to events or transfers. At Renta Fast we have specialized in working with companies, but it is worth socializing the action protocols both for their drivers and for individuals who come to our company. We have third party insurance to cover damage to other vehicles, but currently we do not have comprehensive insurance to cover damage to the rented vehicle. Likewise, we invite you to quote with us our available units and to have a comfortable and safe trip on the road or city.

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