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Transfers to the airport

One of the most common and necessary transfers are those that involve arrival or pick-up at local airports. Both individuals and companies frequently need this movement, without using their personal vehicles or with others that guarantee their arrival comfortably, safely and on time. If you are looking for the best option for this type of transfer, consult the bases that you must take into account before deciding on a unit or company.

What does an airport transfer consist of?

When you are going to go on a trip, you are concerned about several issues in your mobility. Among them, how are you going to get to the airport if it is not so close to home and where will you leave your car parked for so many days. A less expensive and very decisive option is to hire a taxi or car to take you to the airport and/or pick you up when you return from your trip. Doing it this way will bring you numerous advantages that we will tell you today at Renta Fast.

Unit type

It is very important that you choose the unit in which you want to move. Among the various groups are standard units, luxury units, those conditioned to transport executives, others for many passengers and luggage and some more. For each type of public, we will have an available unit and different costs. In this way, you can choose the one that best suits your budget and your needs.

When you want to travel alone, small units are very useful, since you will not have any problem in terms of your comfort and you will be able to include some suitcases in the trunk. On the contrary, if you want to travel in a group, at Renta Fast we have vehicles in our fleet for 12, 15 or up to 21 people, just make a quote with our sales agents and let them know how many people and suitcases are traveling with you. If you are part of a company, it is also convenient to quote the airport transfers of your executives and with us you will have the opportunity to take them in high-end units such as Suburbans, Caravans and even Prius.

Private or shared service

Depending on your budget, you can also define whether you will travel alone or in the company of others. If you are traveling with family or friends, you can make payments for a private vehicle or split the costs of the transfer to the airport. On the other hand, if you have a smaller budget, some companies will allow you to share your trip with other passengers. At Renta Fast, so far, we do not have representation at airports to bring together several clients, however, we can help you quote your transfer to and from the airport and with the people you want.

Included services

The main services provided by the companies in charge of carrying out transfers to and from the airport are related to punctuality, safety and comfort during the trip. For example, Renta Fast executives and drivers will be attentive to your departure or arrival times, in case your flight is early or late. Likewise, we will send clean units with maintenance carried out, so that there is no problem during the transfer. All our vehicles are also equipped with the necessary hygienic measures in the face of COVID-19.

Our drivers will have with them the itinerary of your trip and will know the starting and destination points. At Renta Fast we can pick you up at your home, at the plant (or company) or at any place you indicate in advance. Likewise, upon your arrival at the airport, we will go to your destination, whether it is a hotel, home or company, and we will be able to make a short stop beforehand, if necessary.

Additional services

If you come from a country whose official language is not Spanish and you are going to Mexico, it would be good for you to have a driver who knows at least English or a bilingual guide. Whether you are a natural or legal person, you will be interested in having all your needs covered, satisfying all your doubts and having a much more pleasant and enjoyable trip. At Renta Fast, you can request a bilingual driver or an assistant for your trip. The cost of the transfer will be the same, and will only vary depending on the unit in which you travel.

Kilometers traveled

The cost of transfers from the airport to your final destination or vice versa, may also vary depending on the mileage and travel time. This is customary mostly in tourist areas, in the case of Renta Fast, located in an important geographical area for the industry, we usually charge transfers according to the contracted units. If you act as a company and hire these transfers frequently at Renta Fast, we will probably apply discounts to your bills at the end of the month.

Choose the best unit according to your needs or those of your executives. Meet our fleet online.

What advantages do we get with transfers to and from the airport?

There are several advantages of this type of transfer. A solo trip, with friends, family or for company executives, is much more flexible than own transportation and, in addition, frees passengers from other burdens. The truth is that they are not the cheapest option, but they are one of the safest and most comfortable.

  • Punctuality is the most important thing, so the departure or arrival times will be continuously verified so that you do not miss your flight or take too long waiting at the airport.

  • In the final price of our transfers to and from the airport, gasoline expenses and the payment of all the safe road booths are already included.

  • We have large units to move a large number of passengers and all their luggage.

  • We can cover all your needs during the trip and assign you a bilingual assistant if necessary.

  • You can carry less cash with you during the trip and you will not be charged extra charges, since it is a previously arranged contract.

  • We will put professional drivers at your disposal to guarantee your safety throughout the trip.

  • If you arrive at the airport, you will not stand in line for a taxi, our driver will be waiting for you beforehand and will help you with your luggage to the vehicle.

  • If our driver picks you up at the agreed point to take you to the airport, he will take into account the time of your flight and the time it takes to transfer to the airport and will arrive in advance. In this way we prevent you from missing your flight due to force majeure such as traffic or a road accident.

  • At the airport, the driver will wait for you with everything you need while you go through immigration, customs and collect your luggage.

  • Get your contract in minutes. Just contact us, provide us with your itinerary and make your payment. Everything will be ready for your transfer to and from the airport and if you proceed as a company, we may be able to extend your payment for a few days.

  • With Renta Fast, you make sure that all your transfers are private, comfortable and with quality.

  • We have a wide variety of units that will demonstrate professionalism to your executives and business guests.

  • Our staff will always show kindness and good disposition towards customer service.

  • We will not offer a luggage limit, since we have units to adjust to the number of people and their suitcases. We simply request this information in advance to offer you the perfect vehicle for you.


In search of the best prices and units to move to and from the airport, Renta Fast is at your disposal. In our company, service is our business, so we will seek the best care for our customers, their comfort, safety and timely transfers. Quote with our sales agents at the numbers +52 844 880 6250 and +52 844 362 6227 and hire your transfer in minutes.

Renta Fast is like you, Renta Fast goes with you.

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