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Rent to travel: let's talk about kilometers

Do you still have doubts about how to go on a trip this year? Driving on the road implies being very attentive, but also driving a vehicle in optimal conditions to withstand the entire trip. Perhaps your destination is located a few hours away, but perhaps you have decided to cross the country this year and take advantage of the family hours. Many car rental companies drive limited mileage to take care of their units. That is why today we want to talk to you about kilometers and other points of interest before renting a car.

Plan your budget

Renta Fast is a company dedicated to car rental and has been in operation for more than 20 years. Based on our experience and in order to create the best moments for customers, our units are no older than four years and are constantly maintained. If you want to travel comfortably, safely and in style, renting with us may be the best option.

All of our units are delivered with a full tank and are expected to be returned in the same condition. The rental price includes the kilometers that can be traveled by each unit. Therefore, it is necessary that you plan your budget, but also the distance between your departure point and the destination. However, we are pleased to inform you that the daily kilometers are cumulative and that it is possible to exceed the total kilometers, only that you will have to pay an additional cost for each one of them.

What units do we drive and how many kilometers do they allow?

At Renta Fast we have everything from small cars to vans for 21 people.

​400 daily kilometers units

Units of 500 kilometers per day

Chevrolet Beat

Chervrolet Cavalier

Hyundai Accent

Chevrolet Onix

Volkswagen Jetta

Nissan Sentra

Chevrolet Trax

Dodge Caravan

Toyota Tacoma

Chevrolet Suburban

Nissan NP300

​Toyota Hiace

Ford Transit

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

What are the advantages of traveling in a rental car?

Even when the units have limited mileage, if you have a trip with family or friends, it is preferable to share a large vehicle rather than crowding or breaking traffic laws in a small car.

  • Save time and money on your trip.

  • It is cheaper than moving by taxi or public transport.

  • Travel in a clean, comfortable and safe unit.

  • Allows the recreation of the little ones while you travel.

  • Take everything you need with you.

  • Choose a secured drive.

  • Drive a unit with recent maintenance.

  • Choose just the vehicle you need.

  • Visit new places along the way.

  • Find the schedule that best suits you.

  • Avoid wear and tear on your own car.

Avoid paying for maintenance

If you go on a very long trip, it is most likely that your car requires maintenance for kilometers traveled or it is necessary to check the oil, antifreeze or other liquid of your vehicle. When renting a unit, the company is obliged to deliver it to you in the best possible condition and without the need to perform the service soon.

Quote with us the unit of your preference. Service is our business.

Can I travel to the United States with a Fast Rental car?

If we mean kilometers, yes. Like a trip to any other state in the country, at Renta Fast we drive limited mileage, 400 km for sedans and minivans and 500 km for large units such as Hiace, Transit or Sprinter. If you exceed the number of kilometers allowed, you will always have the option to pay for each extra kilometer traveled. However, our main warning is that we do not have insurance coverage in the United States for our units, so you will have to hire one apart from the rent.

Are there companies that do not drive limited mileage?

Of course yes. The closest experience to our company is the Beepy application, a new platform where users like you and me can become partners and rent our car, while enjoying the advantages of renting other people's cars. As a Beepy member, you have the freedom to decide if your vehicle will be limited to a certain number of kilometers per day and, of course, as a client you can choose between one unit or another, depending on the route you have planned for your trip.


If you plan to travel by road, renting a small or large vehicle may be a better option than traveling in your personal car. Although some unit rental companies handle limited daily mileage, it's all a matter of adjusting your times, budget and itinerary. Travel long distances without overinvesting and take everyone to discover a different universe on the beach. the city or the mountains.

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