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Buy or rent a car: the best for your company in 2022

rentar un auto para mi empresa

Perhaps you have already gone through the indecision of buying a car in cash or on credit and have looked at several options to rent it. However, if you work in a company or act as a legal entity, it is probably more feasible for you to rent a vehicle than to acquire one. Today we want to talk to you about the different options and the most viable for your business.

Not only small or medium-sized companies, but also large corporations, have found in car rental a cheaper and faster way to satisfy their needs. It is possible that your company is about to receive an important client, you need a car to transport executives or you decide to move your parcel with external units. For this and much more, we have a solution at Renta Fast.

What does a car rental consist of?

The rental of a car consists of the payment of a transport unit for a certain period of time and that at the end is returned to its owner. Contrary to sales, rents tend to include other services such as initial gasoline, subsequent maintenance or third-party insurance during the time of use. Car rental agencies can decide if they do it for individuals or for companies and if they do it for long or short periods.

A company, for example, can create alliances with rental agencies to quote the units it needs (for specific purposes) and only for a precise time. It will mean nothing to them to invest in a car that they will not use every day, while they can focus their money on other important points or tasks of the company. In this way, whenever they need it, they will receive better quality units, with up-to-date maintenance and stationery and that will provide the general public with the best image of the institution.

The rental of a car consists of the payment of a transport unit for a certain period of time and that at the end is returned to its owner.
The rental of a car consists of the payment of a transport unit for a certain period of time and that at the end is returned to its owner.

Is it better to rent to individuals or recognized companies?

Perhaps the idea of ​​renting a car for your company does not convince you, so we want to help you make the best decision. A stable organization can have a large vehicle fleet or even increase it, but small and medium-sized companies, new ones and even those that are growing, need to incorporate certain units into their ranks without investing large sums of money.

So, it is better to rent to companies in the rental branch, rather than to individuals.

In this way, you do not incur in commitments with the properties of individuals, although before rental companies you must cover the expenses for blows, accidents and failures during your contract time. The expenses will always be real and not increased and you will be able to distribute the rest of the capital to other key activities of the business. For temporary events such as the opening of new offices, business opportunities, transfer of equipment or other vehicles or mobile solutions for specific positions, renting units from certified companies is ideal.

Is it convenient to rent cars?

  • The vehicles are devalued as soon as they leave the agency, which is why, for your company, it will be much more profitable to rent the unit as you need it.

  • After a few years in circulation, they will not be able to recover much of the money invested in a unit that, perhaps, was not used many times. In the case of rent, you can do it only for the time you need it and the monthly payments will be lower.

  • Car rental is a smart financial decision. Not only will you invest once and you will be able to access the most modern versions, but you will also be able to reduce expenses for monthly payments and redistribute your budget to another area of ​​the company.

  • It is important for companies to rent cars, as this will streamline their logistics and commercial operations and generate savings for other businesses.

How are the hiring and payment made?

Each car rental company has different ways to verify your personal data or those of your company. At Renta Fast, the process is very simple and with few requirements. When making the payment, companies can do it by transfer and, if they have been with us for some time, they can postpone their payments and the rents, transfers and movement of their express parcel will be respected.

The requirements for renting units by companies are:

  • INE Credential or Passport

  • Proof of address (water, electricity or telephone not older than three months)

  • Current driver's license

  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express)

  • responsive letter

  • Proof of updated tax situation

Can I get discounts if I rent for a long time?

Some car rental companies offer discounts when renting units for more than a few days. Why do they do it? To offer the client a better service and specialized attention to their contract. We are aware that assets are devalued and it is also necessary to invest in license plates, verifications, insurance, etc., so we better offer you complete services at the best prices.

At Renta Fast, for example, we handle rental plans with discounts for weekly and monthly use. Likewise, we do not object if during the contracted period you decide to change the unit. Weekly or monthly adjustments will be respected, now with the price of the new vehicle. Our goal is to provide you with the best and most complete service.

At Renta Fast we handle rental plans with discounts for weekly and monthly use.
At Renta Fast we handle rental plans with discounts for weekly and monthly use.

What facilities does Renta Fast offer?

At Renta Fast we want to make your rent the best experience. For companies, it is an excellent investment to have all expenses paid and/or not handle cash during the journey. That is why we have some services included and additional, useful for all the demands and needs of the clients.

  • Full tank: The units are always delivered with gasoline, to cover at least the first hours of travel. It is a good option now that gas is on the rise in the world market.

  • FASTGAS: With this service you have a hologram placed on the front glass, with which you can recharge gasoline at any OXXO Gas in the country and then pay the company only the cost of the gasoline purchased.

  • FASTPASS: Likewise, we will give you an IAVE card that will exempt you from payment at all federal toll booths and bridges in the country, relieving your customers of the long lines and only paying their value at the end of the service.

  • Insurance: We also include medical insurance for all permitted passengers and insurance for damages to third parties, providing comfort and security to companies when renting their unit.

  • Home delivery: When making the contract, you can also define where you want your unit to be delivered, that is, in our branch, in your company or in a specific place.

Is it possible to extend the contract?

Of course yes. In fact, at Renta Fast, it is very likely that our sales executives will respect your contract and will not promise it to another client, in the event that you wish to extend your rent. This is very useful for companies, since they create strategic alliances with unit rental agencies and have much cheaper and more professional units to carry out their tasks and meet their objectives. Likewise, you can change unit at the end of your initial contract and continue in a unit more suited to you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of car rental for companies?

Of course, car rental has positive and negative points. Although it has been shown to be a great solution for businesses, there are still some issues that remain that might not fully convince you. Here we leave you a small table that will help you understand it better.



  • It is a fast service, provided by third parties and with immediate availability.

  • It is a useful method if your company does not need the use of vehicles throughout the year.

  • Payments per day, weeks or months are fixed and do not vary during the contract.

  • There is a wide variety of brands, units and sizes to accommodate few or many passengers.

  • Provide an unbeatable image to your company, with modern cars of excellent quality.

  • Rental agencies offer full maintenance service before delivering the unit to you.

  • Save time and effort for company executives.

  • They include VAT in their prices.

  • By making commercial alliances, you can make payments after renting the vehicle.

  • Your company can create strategic alliances with unit rental agencies and receive discounts and benefits for it.

  • In case of long distances that do not appear within the established mileage, the payments will be higher.

  • You do not receive ownership of the vehicle, so you should check that the company or individual has all their paperwork in order.

  • Extra expenses may arise such as gasoline, booths or payments for repairs.

Income criteria

It is possible that you have already decided to quote the rent of a unit for your company. However, you may still have some doubts about income and its benefits for companies. At Renta Fast we want to help you learn about the main elements to take into account and, of course, we will tell you about our services.


You already know that you can expand your fleet of vehicles simply by renting them for an indefinite period of time. At Renta Fast we have a wide variety of units and prices. Provide your sales agent with all the necessary information, such as the time and place of delivery, the number of days you will rent the unit, the number of people who will travel with you and where you are going. Remember that our company offers services that will be included in your quote. Click on this link to also learn about transfer services with driver and express parcel delivery.

Permitted mileage

Many car rental companies are dedicated to offering you units to make long trips and wherever you want. However, focused on the business sector, Renta Fast rents its units with a daily price and with the intention of satisfying all the needs of your executives. However, we only include 400 km per day in our units, but they are cumulative in the rental period and you can pay additional charges if you decide to exceed the allowed mileage. You can also hire us for your airport transfers, with special prices for your company.

We include 400 km per day in our units, but they are cumulative in the rental period and you can pay additional charges if you decide to exceed the allowed mileage.
We include 400 km per day in our units, but they are cumulative in the rental period and you can pay additional charges if you decide to exceed the allowed mileage.

Travel time

Renta Fast meets your specific needs for specific periods of time. Companies resort to renting for days, weeks or months, depending on their needs and business objectives. Sometimes they even need specialized units to treat their products and they also resort to renting cars or trucks. Create great relationships with your sales agent and take advantage of the best deals. For long trips, this is undoubtedly a better option, very flexible and convenient for your business.

Units available

For all types of companies, it is very useful to rent specific units such as sedans, suburbans, minivans and even cargo vehicles or trucks. Car leasing, then, is the best option for companies, since they can provide a solution to the specific needs of the day, week or month. At Renta Fast we have very modern units, including hybrid and electric. As if that were not enough, we adjust to your group, with units of up to 21 passengers. Our units are regularly maintained and delivered in perfect working order, with integrated GPS and security alarm systems.

Strengthen the corporate image of your business with the units we provide.


The rental of vehicles for companies has become an excellent option to offer a performance according to the expectations of your business. Guarantee units of the best quality and safety for your passengers. You can quote at this link or contact our sales agents directly at the numbers +52 844 362 6227 and +52 844 880 6250.

Renta Fast is like you, Renta Fast goes with you.

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