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What to look for before renting a car?

You may be going on a trip to another city or country or you may need to rent a car to meet personal or organizational needs. In such a situation and if you do not want to take public transport, you must pay for car rental or other larger units. In practice, you will be renting units adapted to you and that will give you great autonomy on your trips.

But, before renting a car, what should you take into account? There are several requirements that we would like you to meet, as they vary according to the different types of units, their prices, the services offered, the place of delivery and even the insurance company with which you associate. Each car rental company has different policies, so we will provide you with essential points for rentals in general and other specific points to rent with Renta Fast.

The vehicle to rent

As color variants, there are also countless units to transport you. Thus, you have the option to choose between new or old, racing or luxury cars for few or many passengers. At Renta Fast we have sedans, suburbans, minivans and even cargo vehicles or vans. The most important thing is always to look at various makes and models and try to hire a model that you are familiar with. It is also important that you know if its transmission is manual or automatic, depending on how you feel most comfortable.

The rental company

When you are encouraged to rent a car, you should not stay with the first company you find in the search engine. On the contrary, we encourage you to look for other companies, compare their fleets, their prices and other additional characteristics that will help you choose the best vehicle. Currently, there are also car rental applications that can offer you excellent services and for lower prices, especially if you plan a trip with family or friends.

Here in Saltillo, we can recommend Beepy, the app to rent your car or use someone else's for a few days.

If you visit another country, one of the best ways to get to know it is by renting a car. There are international companies such as Sixt, which have a wide range of models available throughout the world. What's your problem? Sometimes the databases are not updated and they can rent you a car that, at the time of your arrival, is not available.

Our recommendation is that you approach local car rental companies. These offer very competitive prices for very well maintained and more modern units. You can contact the companies beforehand, quote the unit you require and send the documents they request. Then, you just have to go to the branch to make payments, sign the contract and pick up your ready unit. At Renta Fast, we also deliver the vehicles at the address or at another place agreed with the client.

Prices and payments

Before renting your vehicle, be very clear about whether the company you rent from charges by the day, week, month or by kilometers traveled. Prices will also vary according to the unit you want to rent and the company where you rent it. For individuals, the most common is to request payment in advance and make a guarantee to a credit card. In the case of companies, a guarantee will also be opened, but after creating commercial agreements, payments can be made later.

It is also important that, before renting a car, you know that:

  • The final amount of your contract will not necessarily coincide with your final expense. For example, you will have to invest in the gasoline that you put in your car or other costs on the road.

  • In the case of Renta Fast, we have the FASTPASS and FASTGAS services, which free you from using cash on the way, but are charged at the end.

  • Any accident that occurs during your contract time will be billed in your name.

  • The guarantee of your unit can be collected by requesting at least 10% of the value of the car or with specific amounts. Of course, it is most likely that they will request a credit card to which a block will be made and not a cash payment.

Rental Requirements

Each company may request different documents for the rental of the units. However, there are some basic elements that are always requested, at least in Mexico. The voter's credential (INE) or passport, the valid driver's license, a proof of address or proof of tax situation and a credit card to make a guarantee for damage to the vehicle, traffic fines or other expenses to be covered later. Also, the minimum age to rent a vehicle is generally 24 years old. To do so, you will first need to have a signed liability consent or pay a surcharge. In the event that several people are going to drive, also provide all the paperwork for each of them.

Pick up and drop off location

Although it seems like a somewhat naive recommendation, make sure you agree with your lessor the place of delivery of your unit. For example, deliveries are made at airports, at rental offices or even at your home. This can also give you an overview of the reputation of the rental company, its ability to solve customer needs and the service it provides. At Renta Fast, we are also available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you have to return your unit, make sure it is in perfect condition. Also make sure that you return it on time and thus avoid additional charges for exceeding the time of the contract. At Renta Fast, we rent the units per day and we can give you an additional two hours. After this time, you will be charged additional penalty charges.


One of the most worrying expenses for every driver is gasoline. When you rent the car, you will probably need a full tank and many companies will deliver it that way. Of course, when returning it, you should try to also deliver the full tank. During the journey, the expenses will be borne by you, however, at Renta Fast we can give you a FASTGAS card, valid for recharging gasoline at any OXXO GAS in Mexico and paying for it at the end of the contract.

Remember that the cost of gasoline will be borne by the unit during the rental time.


For the rental of a car, you must also take into account the kilometers allowed by the company. For example, at Renta Fast we allow up to 400 km per day, so you must calculate the distance you will travel before renting your unit. However, they are cumulative, so for long trips renting a unit and using it for a round trip only can work. If you exceed it, you can also pay an extra price per km traveled.

Equipment received when renting a unit

Once the contract and payment have been made, you can proceed to obtain your vehicle. Of course, it is essential that you check that all the characteristics and conditions that are specified in your contract coincide with the unit that you are receiving. First of all, the paperwork of the car must be in order. To continue, check each space and make sure it is in perfect condition and that you will not be charged later. In your rented unit, make sure it contains the basic and optional elements such as air conditioning and GPS (very useful if you come from another city).


Insurance is very important when renting a car. Make sure that this is contemplated in your contract, both for damage to the vehicle and for the passengers. At Renta Fast we have insurance coverage for damages to third parties and medical insurance for all passengers traveling with you. Of course, if you exceed the number of passengers allowed, they will not be included in it. Also make sure to quickly notify the insurer and the competent authorities if you suffer any mishap on the road. Similarly, only use your vehicle for the purposes set out in the contract.

Contact information

Ask the company you hire all the necessary contact information. They must maintain strict communication throughout the duration of the contract. They will be able to offer you roadside assistance and other emergencies that may arise. Don't settle for one phone, get multiple phones from sales agents, operations managers and technical support staff.

Conoce las formas de contacto con Renta Fast


Tel. Móvil:

+521 (844) 362 6227

+521 (844) 880 6250

+521 (844) 764 6534


+52 (844) 485 0330

+52 (844) 180 0187


If you require other services, request them from your landlord. Although these usually mean extra charges, you will no longer have to carry the child seat, portable Wi-Fi, pick-up or delivery at home, early cancellation of the contract or any other extra equipment. These services are not available in all rental companies, so keep this in mind when you are quoting your vehicles.

A little summary to rent a car

  • Calculate the number of passengers and their luggage before choosing the unit.

  • Choose a comfortable unit with which you are familiar.

  • Quote in several rental companies before deciding on your vehicle.

  • Correctly provide all your data and those of other people who are going to drive or are with you, so that the insurance can be applied in the event of an accident.

  • Check that the data of the car coincides with that of the vehicle that is delivered to you.

  • Check the lights, the air conditioning, the small details on the bodywork or other elements that you think are important to highlight.

  • Check the paperwork of the contract and the insurance that is granted to you.

  • Determine the location of collection and delivery of your unit.

  • In general, the collection of the vehicle's gasoline will be at your own expense.

  • Evaluate the kilometers to be traveled and if the rental company has restrictions in this regard.

  • Check that there are no scratches or bumps and that the lights work, the windows and mirrors are not damaged, the tires are not worn or there is a leak or lack of oil or liquids.

  • Make sure that it has license plates and updated circulation card and does not have stickers that cover them.

  • Surely you will have to make a payment and leave a deposit as a guarantee for the vehicle.


You are now one step closer to renting your unit. At Renta Fast we recommend that you choose a safe place that meets your needs and that, in addition, provides you with the greatest number of benefits possible. Now you know everything you must take into account when renting a vehicle, applicable both for solo trips, as well as for friends, family or companies. Quote with our sales agents or through our social networks.

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