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Verification processes before renting a car

You have probably already asked yourself the questions: how fast is my rental vehicle delivered? How long in advance should I request the unit? To explain these issues and the verification procedures before renting a car, we have prepared this article for you. At Renta Fast, our clients come first and service is our business, so we try to do it in the best way.

Why do all landlords have rent requirements?

It is very common that, in any car rental company in the world, they ask you for some information and personal documents before making a rental effective. This is a way to verify the veracity of the data provided, either through physical checks, search engines or national criminal history platforms.

In each company, the process may take different periods of time and this will also depend on the haste with which the client provides their stationery. It is very difficult for the rentals to materialize on the same day, unless it is verified that everything is in order or you have already rented before with the lessor. In general, the process includes the collection of stationery, the verification of address, the opening of the guarantee and the signing of the contract.

How does the Renta Fast process work?

Initially, our sales consultants will receive your request by phone, by mail or online. They will be in charge of providing you with the characteristics and costs of the available units. Once they know the main details of your rental, they will need to carry out a personal verification. To do this, they will ask you to send the documentation by email or WhatsApp and from now on we will carry out the corresponding address verification.

INE or valid passport

If you are over 21 years old, you can request the rental of the unit of your choice. To check it, you must provide your valid voter identification card (INE) or passport and allow people from the company to carry out an address verification. To do this, they can contact relatives, neighbors or friends in the area that appears as an address on your official document.

Proof of address

The address on your proof of address must match the one that appears in your INE. As we have mentioned before, we carry out a physical verification, so your real address must be the same in both documents. Otherwise, it is very likely that you will not be a final candidate to rent one of our vehicles.

Driving license

It is essential that you have a valid driver's license to rent a vehicle. In any company they will request it in the same way and will not accept temporary permits or proof of payment for a driver's license renewal appointment. In other words, you must necessarily have this updated and valid document both to make the rent and for the time you will use the unit.

Credit card

To rent in any car rental company, it is mandatory to have a credit card. Why? It is a way to check income and make a guarantee for the unit. In case of theft of the unit, accident or extra costs during your rental time, the company will consult with the client for the total or partial withholding of the amount blocked on your credit card. The blocked amount is usually returned in full.

We accept the following credit cards:

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • American Express

Face verification

For private clients, it is very likely that we will also send you a facial verification link. When accessing it, you must also have your INE, driver's license and proof of address nearby, as they will request it during the process. They will also ask you to activate your camera and show your face completely, in order to verify your identity. Once the process is complete, contact your sales advisor and tell him that you have already performed the facial verification.

Additional drivers

Whether you rent as an individual or as a company, we must have registered those people who will drive the vehicle. In general, the person who makes the contract drives, but if this is not the case, you must provide all your paperwork to also carry out a verification of address and that it is not considered as negligence before the insurance that our units contain.

Some rental companies charge to add additional drivers. At Renta Fast, we ensure the safety and comfort of the rest of the passengers traveling with you.


If you have all your updated and valid personal documents and you have a credit card, there will be no problem to make the rental of the unit you need effective. You can be a candidate to rent our vehicles and enjoy the trip wherever you want like never before. None of the personal data we collect may be distributed, except by legal provision. Deliver your documentation in advance and we will separate your unit.

Renta Fast goes with you.

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