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Renta Fast: Asegura la reserva de tu auto

When looking for where and when to rent a car safely, you will probably come across some negative reviews on the Internet. Actually, it is not the first time that reservations are made online or through certain applications and the reservation does not take place or your unit is not available at the time of pick up. At Renta Fast, we make sure that our services are fulfilled and we guarantee the reservation of your car in advance. Learn more about this system.

Is the car I rented really available?

At Renta Fast we have a large fleet of vehicles for all types of trips and executive transfers. If you are looking for a small and comfortable unit for a long trip, we have the Accent, the Onix or the Cavalier available. For families, the Odyssey and Caravan units will be perfect. Between friends, the expenses can also be divided by a larger capacity unit such as the Hiace, the Transit or the Sprinter. Now, how does our system work?

Our working model

Renta Fast is a car rental company with more than 20 years in the sector. Therefore, we always seek to prioritize our responsibilities and please our clients, mostly from the business sector. We have specialized sales consultants who know each client or the companies that hire us regularly. Within reach of a phone call, they will provide you with the units we have available and you can reserve them in advance for what you need.

We have small, medium, large, useful, comfortable, luxury units and much more.

In turn, we have a computer system that indicates the availability of vehicles for the requested dates. In this way, we make sure that the car you book is really available. However, some unforeseen events may arise if the unit is undergoing maintenance or has already been renewed by the company (if you book months in advance). In this case, we will look for the best solution for you and a new unit that suits your needs and without extra charges.

Car rental apps

In Mexico, there are not a few car rental companies that have migrated to digital technology and have materialized their services through mobile applications. In general, they request the full name of the person who wants to rent the unit, the days they need it and the type of vehicle to rent. In some cases, payment will also be made online. In this way, a pre-reservation is made and all the necessary documentation is delivered at the time of collection of the unit and/or payment.

Not all applications, especially when they work at a national level, are connected to all systems and know the availability of vehicles for each geographical area. Well, for you, we have two special recommendations. First, after making your reservation, contact the rental company's online support service and verify your payments and the unit you will receive. Secondly, we want to recommend the Beepy application, so that you can rent the car you need with inhabitants of your city and obtain an excellent service in a short time.

Online reviews

Do not be afraid to check online the comments about car rental companies, because sometimes the cheapest ones are not the ones that will fully cover your needs.

  • Check the fleet they own and in which cities they operate.

  • Know their guarantee and refund policies before renting.

  • Identify if you can pay months in advance to separate your unit.

  • Look for references from previous clients, both positive and negative, so that you can put together your own concept.

  • Contact the technological service and find out how they treat their customers in the event of doubts, complaints and suggestions.


Secure your car reservation with us. We are sure that there will be no problem with the delivery of your unit, since we have an excellent advisory system for our clients and a computer system that will not oversell or promise units that are not available for the requested date. At Renta Fast, service is our business, that's why we want to offer the best for our clients at all times. Contact our sales advisors, quote your units and rent now. Renta Fast looks like you, it goes with you.

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