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Renta Fast: 5 things you need to know before renting a car

We are a Mexican company dedicated to car rental and transportation services. For over 20 years we have offered our services to individuals and businesses alike, but with the rise of counterparts and alternatives online, we need to comment on the reliability of renting a car with us. Reserve quickly, travel comfortably and with recent model cars.

1. Headquarters in Saltillo, Coahuila

Our company, in its beginnings, had a large fleet of vehicles in various states of the country. After several years in operations, we decided to move our entire fleet to Saltillo, the main headquarters of the rental company, to provide a better service to the industrial zone located here and to individuals interested in renting a vehicle in the short or long term.

Currently, we do not have a branch or office in the main airports in the area (Ramos Arizpe and Monterrey) and many clients request the delivery and return of vehicles in this place. However, for an extra cost, we could deliver or pick up the vehicle at this institution, and even in other states. On the other hand, the delivery in companies, homes or in our office in Saltillo, is totally contemplated in the cost of the unit.

Renta Fast does not have representation at airports, but we can deliver and pick up the unit where the client requests it.

2. Direct and effective treatment

At Renta Fast we have several sales advisors to make the rental process fast and efficient. By law, there are several requirements that lessors must request such as INE or valid passport, valid driver's license, proof of address not older than three months and credit card to make the guarantee. Once the stationery has been provided, it will be verified and the contract will be made.

The most important thing is the satisfaction and prompt attention to our customers. We have implemented a quick quote service on our website, indicating the unit you wish to rent, the number of days and your personal information. In this way, a sales advisor will contact you upon receipt of the quote request. Personalized attention will ensure that the same units are not reserved twice and that the one you need is ready for the date of your trip in question.

3. Large fleet of vehicles

Our fleet is made up of more than 25 vehicles. Among them are several categories, with compact, standard, intermediate, full size units, SUVs, minivans, pick ups, vans and luxury vehicles. Our prices are economical and competitive, since we have recent model units, no older than 2018 and which are constantly maintained.

The cost of the unit includes third-party insurance, 400 km per day in the case of small vehicles and 500 km per day for vans, health coverage for the driver and passengers, and the basic equipment of the unit. Likewise, the vehicle is delivered with a full tank and it is expected to be returned in the same way, otherwise, you will be charged extra charges. In the same way, we guarantee a wide variety of vehicles for our clients and the coverage of their needs.

4. Insured vehicles

All our units have civil liability insurance (to third parties) and coverage in the United States. In this way, we ensure that, in the event of an accident, damages to third parties are covered, but customers must bear the costs of repairing the rented vehicle. This is done with cash, debit card or from the funds of the credit card provided as a guarantee during the rental period.

Medical expenses are a definitely necessary protection. In the event of an accident, all passengers in the vehicle (according to its original layout) will be covered to receive medical assistance. Travel insured, protected, comfortable and with a fleet that has received constant maintenance before being delivered to customers.

5. Workable

Car rental is always a viable option, if you need it to go on a trip with family and friends or to move company executives around the city. At Renta Fast, we are not only dedicated to car rental, but we can also schedule transfers from point to point, from homes to plants and vice versa, to and from the airport and even to other cities and states. Just quote it with our sales advisors.

For companies, vehicle rental is also very useful, since they can make weekly, monthly and even annual contracts with the car rental company. The rates, therefore, will be reduced and you will be able to enjoy unique privileges by creating strategic alliances with our company. During the contract, they may terminate it before the agreed time, extend it or renew it for a new unit.

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Renta Fast, a 100% Mexican company based in Saltillo, Coahuila, has everything you need to rent a car for yourself or your company. Make direct and effective reservations and take a recent unit adjusted to your budget. Nothing better than staying with the local, the safe, the punctual and, of course, what goes with you.

Service is our business

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