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Rent for heavyweights? Choose a pick-up with Renta Fast

Did you know that you can rent for many more purposes than the pleasure of traveling? Many people around the world rent a vehicle to help with their move or to transport objects for work. Commonly and if it is not to carry out long-term work, the units are rented for 24 or 48 hours, but they become allies of our clients to solve their space and weight problems. That is why today we want to talk to you about pick-up type vehicles, so that you can take them into account for your next rental.

Technological characteristics

If the job requires you to move daily and load heavy objects, this is the perfect justification for buying a pick-up truck. Whether it is for heavy or light items, large or small and, almost always, in large quantities, these vans are ideal for transportation. In colloquial terms, these units are "beasts", but they also require constant and not cheap maintenance.

It usually has one or two rows of seats, while the rear is used for cargo, either open or closed. Of course, you must first check the dimensions of the objects that you are going to transport and the weights supported by your pick-up. Its advantages? They can support weights similar to those of a conventional truck. Take advantage of it if you need to constantly move merchandise or equipment.

A powerful traction system makes it easy to move these trucks on dirt, sand, asphalt and mud.

As if that were not enough, these trucks can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8 seconds. However, we do not recommend that you move at high speeds through the city, especially since they are more difficult to maneuver and brake than some small cars. Parking can be a bit more complicated in narrow spaces or on public roads: a more powerful vehicle, a bigger investment.

Aesthetic details

Driving a pick-up is a luxury, since they are vehicles of special size, perfect details and, last but not least, much cheaper than sports cars. With incredible power, these 4x4s are here to stay. Many people today prefer them for personal use rather than work, as these vans offer luxury and a lot of sophistication to the person.

  • You can include plastic protectors for the bottom of the box when it is open.

  • Additional lighting systems are also easy to install if you need them.

  • Many of the bumpers on these trucks are chromed and give it an unbeatable color.

  • The tires are a luxury and quality, with an excellent way to move around the city and avoid damaging the vehicle in annoying bumps.

  • They have very comfortable and attractive seats.

  • Some of them are fully equipped with audio, video parking and navigation control screens.

Our fleet

At Renta Fast, our fleet is made up of more than 20 units, however, regarding pick-up trucks, we have a 2016 Tacoma with an open box and a NP300 with a dry box. Some also include a rear-wheel drive version and in our company we can also suggest that you take our trailer with you. Either way, they have great stability and power for city or highway driving.

When renting with us, you will have the cost of VAT included in the price and also the third-party insurance. The vehicle will have recently undergone maintenance and the unit will be in perfect clean condition upon delivery. It is also delivered with a full tank of gasoline and is expected to be returned in the same way.


In previous weeks we have been talking to you about the benefits of minivans and SUVs, so now we have brought you pick-up trucks. With a Toyota Tacoma and a Nissan NP300 in our fleet, we offer you facilities and comforts in your removals, package movement or for daily work. Do not hesitate to quote on any of our social networks or on our website. Fast Rent goes with you.

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