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Rent an Odyssey: the best movement at your fingertips

Forget the assumption that minivans are made just for the mom of the family and take one with you on your next trip. At Renta Fast, we have several units to meet your needs, but today we want to talk to you about the special features of the Honda Odyssey, one of the luxury vehicles that makes up our fleet. In a 2018 model, you can move in and out of the city, with the best conditions and technology.

Vehicle Features

For 2018, the Honda Odyssey experienced a breakthrough, with the most horsepower engine being the main achievement in this new design. Cargo space has also increased, making it more useful for long trips and even moving. As if that were not enough, the sliding rear doors and a hands-free button for automated closing were also specialized.

In this design, the Odyssey has automatic climate control and simply push-button start with the proximity key nearby. For the more adventurous, the roof is also sliding and tilting. For your safety, it has automatic emergency braking and blind spot monitoring, so you don't have to worry too much when driving this vehicle.

Interior design

These units are very striking, due to the comfortable space and the number of passengers that they allow to transport. Each of the travelers has the opportunity to move his seat to the sides for greater space or turn it in another direction. The third row can be completely folded down to provide more space for your luggage. The upholstery is leather and it has heating and ventilation.

Swap the sedan for the minivan, for the quick response and great stability.

Technological capabilities

The Odyssey has a striking display on the driver's panel, but also for passengers in the rear rows. For this, they have integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection. With the CabinWatch feature, the driver can check the status of the second and third row passengers in the unit, especially if they are children. A camera streams in real time on the Odyssey's touch screen.

Another important point is the CabinTalk element, with which the driver can communicate with the passengers behind, through a public address system, without diverting attention from the steering wheel or the road. Of course, in its equipment it also allows USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection with your electronic devices.

What are the main advantages of an Odyssey?

After knowing the technical characteristics of the Honda Odyssey, we want to talk to you about the benefits of renting this minivan. In summary, we offer you the advantages of this vehicle.

  • Very practical vehicles.

  • Suitable for family, business or friends use.

  • Large space for up to 8 passengers, including the driver.

  • They are safer than other minivans because of their airbags in the rear as well.

  • The material with which they are made is of optimum quality.

  • It allows tranquility but also control thanks to the camera system in the rear cabin.

  • It is very useful to detect dangers and help in the parking lot.


Although for some, driving this unit in the city can be somewhat complicated, they have the perfect power for those who need to move. With 6 cylinders, smart key, top-of-the-line material and state-of-the-art sensors to prevent accidents. Right up there with its Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Pacifica and Toyota Sienna counterparts, experience the likes of driving our 2018 Honda Odyssey.

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