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Rent a van: the best options for 2023

A new year is approaching, but the mobility needs of individuals and companies continue. The investment in a van for sporadic use is somewhat high and risky, also counting the maintenance costs. In search of comfort and safety, an excellent option can be renting a vehicle for several passengers. Therefore, today we will talk about the advantages of renting a van and using it on your personal or business trips.

What models of van are there?

Around the world there are various models of vans. Scooby Doo's mythical truck marked the childhood of many who now would like to drive one of these vehicles with friends or family to travel to any destination. Likewise, companies look for this type of unit to transfer their staff or top managers. These vehicles always provide an image of professionalism and exquisite comfort.

In our fleet we have a Toyota Hiace for 12 passengers, a Ford Transit for 15 and a Mercedes Benz Sprinter for 21. In all three cases the driver's seat is included, so if what you want is a transfer, you should consider it between the number of passengers. Other similar units are from the Nissan brand, Urvan and Starex, from Hyundai.

What are the characteristics of the vans?

Every mile in a van counts. It's all part of great, worry-free travel in a van with friends, family, or executives. The loads supported by this type of vehicle can include all the passengers and their luggage or, on the other hand, can be used for parcels or removals. Their rent is not expensive, if we consider all the safety and comfort benefits they offer. The units that make up our fleet are high-end, offering the best upholstery, technology and, therefore, a better image for everyone in the city.

Why is a van useful for individuals?

Our clients seek van rentals for different purposes, but most of the time they seek to use our units to travel to nearby cities and beaches. The private client also saves the maintenance of the unit, its cleaning and the wear and tear of his personal vehicle when traveling to more distant distances. As if that were not enough, these units have 500 daily and cumulative km to travel to the most remote corners of the country.

All our rental prices include VAT and third party insurance.

Many times, vans are useful for the whole family to get together and enjoy an exceptional and unforgettable experience. For the movement of guests at weddings, gatherings of friends and family, national holidays and much more, we can offer our van rental and transfer services. With our fleet we cover more than 50 passengers. The movement in rented vans will also be up to 50% cheaper than the transfer in local transport in the cities they visit.

Why is a business van useful?

Usually, companies look for who transfers their staff during daytime, evening and night hours. This work is not an easy task, since it involves picking up several passengers in different parts of the city and taking them to the offices or plant in a timely manner. In matters of movements and transfers of administrative staff, it is also important to consider the number of executives, their comfort, waiting times and the image of the company.

Therefore, an external company in charge of transportation for your executives may be a better option. At Renta Fast, we can rent the units for you or take care of the transfers of local and foreign strategic publics. One of the preferred routes for our clients is the transfer to and from the Monterrey airport, guaranteeing their attendance at various events.

Among them is:

  • Plant/factory visits.

  • Assistance to company offices.

  • Participation in congresses.

  • Visits to schools or social events.

  • End of year business events.

  • Conventions and exhibitions.

  • Special tours.

Fast rent goes with you

Whether in vehicle rentals or transfers, Renta Fast goes with you. For transfers, we guarantee trained, reliable operators that will make your trip a unique experience. Enjoy a safe transfer, quality movement around the city and the best travel experience. We already have our units available for 2023, you just have to request your quote and separate your unit now. Our business is service.

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