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Rent a minivan: style, safety and comfort

It is no secret to anyone that minivans are all over the city. In recent years there has been an explosion in the sales of these vehicles due to the comfort and safety they offer drivers. It is no coincidence either that large family groups are opting for them, since they offer more space, first-class technology and comfort for all your journeys. Get to know in this article all the advantages of renting a minivan for your next trip.

Luxury equipment

Since their inception, minivans have been vehicles equipped for the whole family. In general, they incorporate one more row of seats than the sedan-type cars we are used to. This design allows you to travel with a total of 7 or 8 passengers and with greater comfort. Some units have buttons capable of extending the space between one seat and another, facilitating posture and interaction between passengers.

If you have small children, you will surely appreciate being able to separate them and avoid fights during a long trip.

Baby seats are also much easier to accommodate when traveling in minivans or mommobiles, as they are popularly known. At Renta Fast, we have two luxury units in our fleet: the Dodge Caravan and the Honda Odyssey. Both have luxury equipment and are of very recent model and, of course, of the best quality.

Smart vehicles

The units tend to be more and better connected every day. Many of them have built-in sensors and cameras to make driving much easier and safer. The connection with smartphones and maps ensure that users remain focused on the road but with the support of the different devices that make their driving more enjoyable.

Sensors, meanwhile, tend to scan the physical environment in 360°. In this way, they indicate to the driver if there are vehicles very close to him or in his blind spots and thus avoid accidents. In the future, it is expected that minivans will also have the ability to automatically brake or park autonomously, as other units such as the Suburban or the Tesla already have this function built in.

The Odyssey, as an extra feature, has cabin cameras that allow the driver to check the status of all passengers. In addition, it includes screens to view content during the trip and an innovative headphone and microphone system to maintain communication between the driver and passengers without diverting attention from the trip.

Characteristics of the type of vehicle

Minivans currently provide better features than their predecessor SUVs. First of all, they can accommodate more passengers, and on the other hand, they still have space to carry luggage. If fewer people travel, it is also possible to fold the seats in the last row and occupy the space with other items to be transported.

The design of the engine, the gasoline capacity and the type of tires they use, give it more stability to travel on the road. Therefore, we are not only facing a majestic vehicle for the family, but also to take on all kinds of trips. We can definitely get rid of the stigma that minivans are only for mothers and start using them to go everywhere we need in luxury units.

Sliding doors are a special and unique addition to this type of unit. Both the Caravan and Odyssey in our fleet have this feature and allow for better access and lowering of the unit. Of course, they also have their safety integrated so as not to suffer accidents with children traveling in the back of the minivan on long trips.

As if that were not enough, they are very safe vehicles, equipped with front and side airbags that offer coverage to the driver and all passengers. The anchors offer greater security to the seats for babies and even for the elderly or disabled. Minivans definitely represent an advance in family vehicles and renting one is an excellent option for your future trips.

Rent a minivan

For tourist transportation, minivans can become your best allies. In addition to their style, safety and comfort, they are units that are easy to drive and with a basic driver's license, they are very economical in terms of fuel consumption, at the same time they are very powerful and of quality to drive on the road and offer an incomparable majesty. on your body. Do you still have doubts that renting a minivan is the option of the moment? Contact us and quote quickly with us.

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