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Live to travel and save while you travel

Renta Fast makes its way among the different car rental companies with dazzling prices in the city of Saltillo. Our experience of more than 20 years, guarantees us in the rental of recent model vehicles and in perfect condition, but... perhaps what you want is to travel or use your car for more than a week. Well, we also have plans for you. Whether you come as a natural or legal person, it is possible to obtain special discounts on your rental rate and save some money while providing a solution to your needs.

What is the average cost of a unit per day?

A small analysis showed that car rental in Saltillo ranges over 1,000 pesos per day. In this way, you would be paying from $7,000 pesos for weekly rent and about $30,000 for monthly rent. To these costs we must add gasoline, insurance if required and any additional cost such as excess mileage, lack of gasoline or accidents on the road. Our best recommendation? Rent a car for several days and take care of your finances.

What are the advantages of renting a car for a long time?

Renting a unit daily isn't particularly cheap, but have you thought about renting for more than a few days? If you need it for a long trip, to move your executives or for an event, it is cheaper to hire a unit than to buy it or use a private one. For companies, for example, the expenses are borne by the accounting department and will guarantee a better unit and in excellent condition.

  • In Renta Fast, reservations are made in a simple, fast and free way, that is, we do not request deposits to separate the unit.

  • Car leasing is a cheaper option than buying a unit, also because the use that will be given to it will be punctual or temporary.

  • Change your vehicle for one of the same category and cost if you wish during a monthly rental.

  • There are no time limits to rent the unit, as long as you are renewing your contract regularly and take the car to the agency in case it needs maintenance.

  • Enjoy an unforgettable experience for as long as you want.

  • Many times the insurance will cover the cost of a rental car in case your vehicle goes into repair, keep this in mind to achieve the comfort you need.

  • If you travel to another city for fun or work, rent a car for a week or a month and feel free to explore the city.

  • At Renta Fast we handle daily, weekly and monthly rental plans.

How much would you save by renting with us?

At Renta Fast, specifically, we have specialized in car rental for companies, we even created strategic alliances with those in this geographical area to guarantee a better service, for a lower cost. For individuals we also have special prices, for example, in intermediate vehicles the rent can be reduced by about $145 pesos per day or about $1015 pesos for the whole week. For its part, the monthly rent would be reduced by $435 pesos per day or another $13,050 pesos at the end of the month.

We handle weekly discounts of 10% of the normal cost for renting the vehicle. Monthly rents can also be reduced but by 30%.

Is cost reduction the same as leasing?

No. Leasing is a plan that gives the customer the right to rent a car and make monthly payments for a certain period. However, at the end of said contract you have the option of buying the vehicle or starting the rental with a new unit. At Renta Fast, we do not have this option available, but we do maintain prices and adjustments for a whole year with our regular customers.

Another option we have for companies is to allow them to make payments in arrears of 30, 45 or up to 60 days. In this way, they adjust their payment plans and use the unit for as long as they need it. Proof of tax status, a letterhead or a credit card guarantee will be your guarantees before our company to enjoy the benefits of car rental.


Yes it is possible to rent a car and save money. In case you need a vehicle for a long-term event, in another city or for a trip with family or friends, do not worry about taking your car with you. At Renta Fast we offer you a wide fleet of high-end units, to use from 1 to 21 people. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for your quote, our sales agents will offer you weekly and monthly packages from 7 and 30 days of rent respectively. If you proceed as a legal person, also remember that it is possible to create strategic alliances and pay less, in addition to doing so over a longer period.

Service is our business.

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