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Letterhead: what is it and why do we request it?

If you work for a company or run one, you probably already know the benefits of renting a car over buying it for the movements of your executives. When acting as a legal person, additional requirements will be requested, among which is the letterhead of the company. Today we explain why your delivery is important and what it is for Renta Fast.

What is a letterhead?

Also known as letterhead, a letterhead is a sheet of paper that includes the visual identity and the main data of a company, institution, project or business. The information that is usually included is the business logo, the company slogan, your tax address, email, telephone, website and, sometimes, even your main social networks.

How is a letterhead designed?

Currently, there are many online pages that allow you to automatically and quickly design a letterhead. Others will choose to make their design in a desktop application like Word and use this template for all the letters that the company needs. The best recommendation is that a communication or design manager handles all the visual identity of your company and is in charge of the design of your letterhead.

What are letterheads used for?

Letterheads are useful to place on them all kinds of documents, proposals, letters, requests to suppliers, budgets, statements, orders, invoices, meeting notices, bids or any information related to the company. These letterheads are delivered to clients, partners, suppliers and subjects of various kinds.

There is no discrimination when it comes to having a letterhead, as long as your business uses it. Both large and recent companies use letterhead in their daily work. It is also common to see it by lawyers, doctors, accountants and other professionals who work within a company or as associates or consultants. This makes them more credible and trustworthy to their customers.

What types of letterhead do we accept?

There are several ways to compose letterhead design. The most important thing is that there is enough free space on the page to be able to print on it or write by hand what the company needs to communicate. Generally, the company information and logo will be on the top or bottom side of the sheet or both, but there are other common designs that we will talk about next.

With these letterheads, Renta Fast makes sure that it is in coordination or alliance with a completely trustworthy company and that it can hire its products or services regularly. Letterheads may also appear with the logo as a watermark in the background or with a photo of the company, but it must be visible and the handwriting legible.

Why are letterheads important?

The letterhead gives the company greater professionalism. This document becomes valid by having the main data of the company and its logo, so it is possible to take them into account when facing legal actions. As if that were not enough, a letterhead is the face of the company before its customers and suppliers, therefore, they are part of its intended image. Letterhead letters, when they reach us, denote:

  • Credibility

  • Confidence

  • Relevance

  • professionalism

  • Elegance

  • Seriousness

  • Importance

  • Priority

  • Hierarchy

  • Formality

What is the difference between a responsive letter and a letterhead letter?

Both the responsive letter and letterhead are valid legal documents. Some time ago, at Renta Fast we requested a responsive letter on the use of the unit, however, the letterhead gives us a greater value of responsibility and an agreement between the company and our transportation and mobility services.

Responsive letters, instead, are recommended to ensure the proper use of work tools by employees. In this case, it could apply when the company has drivers available and requests vehicles from our lessor. In this way, they will be able to ensure the collection for intentional damage or carelessness of their workers. We reserve the responsive letter to third parties and the letterhead to the contract between companies.


Renta Fast, in addition to the official identifications, the driver's license and the updated proof of address, will request from your company the letterhead that justifies the request for vehicles, transfers or use of express parcels. This letter is requested only once and will be registered as part of the agreements between both companies. Renta Fast goes with you wherever you need it.

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