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Insurance for your rental car: what does Renta Fast offer?

If you are thinking of renting a unit for personal use or for a business, you will be concerned about damage coverage in case of accidents, collisions or other claims. Many car rental companies in Mexico leave this service as complementary or contracted with third parties, separate from the rental to the company. At Renta Fast, we believe that it is our responsibility to offer you the best and most complete service. Therefore, we guarantee your car insurance with the payment of the unit and the guarantee provided, but we explain more below.

What is car insurance?

Car insurance is a contract with an insurer that is responsible for covering part of the expenses for damage caused during an accident. There are various types of insurance, in which the vehicle in question, the affected third parties and/or the passengers traveling in the vehicle are covered. It is very important that you insure your car before traveling, even when they are short distances, because you do not know what can happen to you or other drivers on the road.

Third party insurance

At Renta Fast, we include third party insurance in all the prices of our units. In this way, we offer coverage for the payment of damages caused to other vehicles, while the price paid as guarantee is the one used to cover the damages in the contracted unit. This insurance provides basic protection for compensation to third parties, up to the minimum amount required by each state.

Personal accident insurance

If you have an accident during your contract period, at Renta Fast we will take care of covering the medical expenses for you and the passengers traveling with you. In this case, it is very important that you do not exceed the number of passengers allowed in your unit, since we will not be able to cover all of them if an accident occurs. We have small vehicles for five passengers and up to 21-passenger units.

Roadside assistance

Some insurance and car rental companies include roadside assistance for vehicles, in case there is a mechanical failure, the assistance of the crane is needed, the change of tires, extra keys or to supply gasoline to the vehicle. In Renta Fast, in addition to being included in the insurance of our units, we give you some extra services such as a FASTGAS card, to recharge gasoline at any OXXO in the country and an IAVE card to go through the control booths without queues or payments. Use it during your contract and pay later.

Request your FASTGAS and FASTPASS card before starting the contract for your unit with Renta Fast.

Crash or Loss Waiver

If the vehicle is stolen, crashed or damaged during an accident or vandalism, the insurance would cover replacement of the vehicle and remove the fault of the driver. In the case of our company we do not offer this type of insurance, so the charges in this case will be charged to the client at the end of the contract. We are also not responsible for lost or stolen personal items during the contract period.

Can someone else drive the vehicle?

Of course. The car insurance that we offer at Renta Fast covers the vehicle and its passengers. Of course, it is necessary that you inform your sales advisor and provide him with certain data and documents of the driver. These include your official identification, proof of address no older than three months and your current driver's license.

What happens if I return the vehicle with damage?

At Renta Fast, we carry out thorough checks before and after delivering the unit, in order to know what state the vehicle was in at the time of delivery and how the customer returns it. As our insurance does not cover damage to the vehicle itself, the cost of the repairs will be borne by the person who rents the unit or will be deducted from the guarantee previously blocked by the company.

What are the benefits of renting an insured vehicle?

  • Avoid problems with the law and large payments after an accident.

  • Guarantees roadside assistance in case you need tire changes, towing or other covered services.

  • In Renta Fast, the price is included in the rental of the vehicle, so you do not have to worry about additional costs.

  • Travel protected and travel with the people you want without any worries.

  • Get a complete service, without the need to invest more time and money in alternative insurance.


At Renta Fast we can help you quote the unit you need for your trips. Whether you are traveling with family and friends or renting a car for your company executives, insurance can offer you greater security on your journey. Get to know our fleet, define your outbound and return dates and hire the unit you need with us. Travel safely, Renta Fast goes with you.

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