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Goodbye to rent with phantom charges

A low price is a perfect hook for a scam or to charge you extra fees when you rent a unit. At Renta Fast, we want to warn you about phantom charges and invite you to fully understand our services. Rent a vehicle for personal, family or business use, at no extra cost and with the best technology. Service is our business, learn more and leave everything in our hands.

Legitimate rents

Low prices are difficult to get, so we recommend that you be very careful, as they can scam you. Today we decided to tell you about how to define if a car rental company is legitimate. For our part, we can recommend that you visit our website and our social networks, so that you know all the units and services that we have available.

  • Do a little search online by entering the name of the landlord + the word “opinions” or “review”.

  • Verify by phone or in person the promotions that are in force.

  • Contact customer service and clarify all your doubts before making the rent effective.

  • Do not trust sites with negative reviews.

  • Protect your money by paying by credit card and being supported by your physical bank.

The offers

We enter a stage for all kinds of promotions: Day of the Dead, Good End, Christmas, among other significant dates. Therefore, many rental companies dedicate themselves to creating the best and most attractive promotions for their clients. Of course, it is very important that you check all the details so as not to have to pay more at the time of finalizing your rent.

Among the most significant questions, you must make sure that the prices reflected include VAT, basic equipment of the unit, full tank of gasoline (although it is returned in the same way) or travel with toll booths in the case of a transfer. Ask about additional costs for mileage, taxes, fees or any other issue that may be significant for your pocket.

Late return

A common extra cost can be excess time in your rental hours. In general, rents are handled for 24 hours and in some cases they accept between 30 minutes and an hour of grace. The cost, in this case, will not be added per hour, but directly as one more day of rent. Therefore, we advise you to check it in your contract or with your sales advisor.

At Renta Fast, we offer a 2-hour grace period after your lease expires.

Isurance included

Insurance, whether third-party or comprehensive, is not included in the cost of some rental cars. Therefore, it is important that you contract it separately or that you make sure of the additional cost that it could generate, if it is included. At Renta Fast, third party insurance is included in all our units, even with coverage in the United States.


Most vehicle rental companies require that you return the unit with a full tank, just as it was delivered to you. Otherwise, you will be charged the missing fuel price at the local price. This amount can be paid, at least in Renta Fast, with a debit or credit card, with cash or with the guarantee paid before taking the vehicle.

Other services

At Renta Fast, we have other extra cost services that you can request, but you will never be charged as phantom charges. Your sales advisor will have all the information available to you. We can deliver the requested vehicle in another municipality or state, for an extra cost. We can also provide you with a FAST GAS card so you can refill gas at any OXXO in the country and pay later, or the FAST PASS card to go through the quick access toll booths on the highway and pay later.


Plan your trip with enough time so that you can compare the models, promotions and costs of several car rental companies. Avoid unnecessary expenses by finding a car, minivan, van or truck according to your needs. Take advantage of the best service and the best prices when renting a vehicle. Renta Fast goes with you, because service is our business.


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