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Fuel policies when renting a car

Let's go on a trip! We have everything ready to travel, but we need to consider the cost of gasoline among the expenses. Whether for our private vehicle or a rental vehicle, fuel will be a mandatory investment for our trip. We invite you to learn how fuel policies work when renting a car and, above all, how Renta Fast works in this regard.

Prepaid services

In international car rental policies, it is very likely that the requested unit will be delivered to you with a full tank of gasoline. However, the leasing companies will still expect you to deliver the unit with a full tank or, otherwise, they will charge you the cost of gasoline in the local market or with some penalty.

In recent years, a trend of prepayment for services by full tank - full tank or full tank - empty tank has developed. What do these two names mean? Well, in either case, you pay in advance for the cost of gasoline. In the case of the full tank - full tank category, you will make the first payment with the final cost of gasoline and you will be given a voucher to redeem at the gas station before returning the unit. On the other hand, the full tank - empty tank category gives you the freedom to return the unit with a half tank or totally empty without any problem and the company will take care of refilling the fuel at the nearest gas station.

Our company includes a full tank of fuel in the cost of the unit, but you must return the vehicle with a full tank of gasoline anyway.

Postpaid services

Renta Fast is one of the companies that handles postpaid services when it comes to fuel in rented units. If when returning the vehicle it has a lack of gasoline, you will have the opportunity to cover the amount necessary to fill the tank in cash, with a debit card, by transfer or from the money blocked to your credit card when you made the contract.

For companies, we also have a gasoline refueling service at all OXXO GAS gas stations in the country. To do this, we give them a card called FAST GAS, which allows us to charge gasoline to our business credit card. With the proof of charge, the cost will be added to the services of your contract. You can pay the indicated amount in cash, with a debit card, by transfer or with the guarantee occupied on your credit card.

Available promotions or other services included

Some car rental companies offer special promotions and occasional discounts for car rentals. One of the benefits may be the inclusion of the cost of gasoline in the rent for one or two days or the exemption from returning the unit with a full tank of gasoline. Otherwise, final charges will be added to your service or a precharge will be made.

In the case of Renta Fast, the unit is delivered with a full tank, but its return is expected in the same condition. Of course, our transfer services will not charge you for gasoline separately or when completing your contract, but it is included in your formal quote and contemplated at the cost of local fuel.

Other recommendations

If you have the opportunity before renting a vehicle, do a little search on the Internet and find out what are the main units that are rented in your area. Later, also look for the performance of the units and decide on the one with the lowest fuel consumption. At Renta Fast we have more than 20 types of vehicles and different brands and, among them, some very economical and even some with hybrid operation.


We know how difficult it is to have everything ready for a transfer or trip, that's why at Renta Fast we want to make everything easier and we bring you our best units. Just take care of delivering your stationery, signing your contract and, of course, refueling! If you don't have the time to fill your unit's tank, don't hesitate and we'll do it for you and charge the additional cost in the way you prefer.

Travel fast, safe and with gasoline! Renta Fast goes with you.

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