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Fast Rental: how fast will I receive my vehicle?

When we plan a trip for a long time, we have every detail ready. However, last minute moves may arise and you may need to rent a vehicle. In any car rental, they will ask you for some documents and a guarantee amount to take the unit. The question is, how long does this process take? At Renta Fast we tell you everything you need to know to rent as quickly as possible.

Two simple steps

To rent with us, we go through two simple steps together, the sending and receiving of documents and the payment process. Once completed, you will be able to proceed to sign your lease and take the unit. At Renta Fast we have a large fleet of vehicles so you can choose the one you prefer and have a comfortable, comfortable and safe trip.

Sending and receiving documents

Our sales advisors will ask you for the necessary paperwork to rent a vehicle. In case you have previously rented with us, you will not need to submit the documentation again, but if it is the first rent. In addition, it will provide you with a facial recognition link, which allows us to verify criminal records and the validity of your identifications. The required paperwork is:

  • Copy of INE or valid passport

  • Copy of valid driver's license (also during the time of rental)

  • Proof of address no older than three months (water, electricity or telephone)

Payment process

Once your documents have been verified, it will not be necessary for you to leave an advance or pay in advance for the vehicle, we only need certainty about the dates on which you will take it. In the case of payment, we have two essential points, the final payment (non-refundable) and the guarantee (released at the end of the vehicle rental). The guarantee can only be made with a Visa or Mastercard credit card and tends to vary between $20,000 and $40,000, depending on the unit.

Vehicle rentals can be paid in cash, with a debit card, credit card or by transfer.

What is important to know?

We wanted to tell you about certain important elements before you take your unit once and for all. The vehicle rental will be paid once you sign the contract with our sales advisors at Renta Fast. This is very important, since it explains what guarantees the rent includes and the duties and rights of both the landlord and the tenant.

Third-party insurance is included in all our units, as well as the ease of having integrated GPS, including several drivers and receiving the unit with a full tank of gasoline (although it must be returned in the same way). Also check in the contract our policies on limited mileage, depending on the type of vehicle. Any questions you have can be consulted with your sales advisor or on our social networks.

If you rent regularly with us, you can also choose to pay the amount of your rent at the end and from the amount blocked on your credit card.


To all these, what will really be the time it will take you to rent a car? It totally depends on how quickly you need it and how quickly you deliver all your stationery in order. Once it has been verified, you will be ready to take your unit. Service is our business, so we'll have your sedan, minivan, van, SUV, or truck ready five minutes early. Remember that Renta Fast goes with you.

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