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Chevrolet Trax: comfortable and easy to drive on your vacation

Technical details

Among the main characteristics that the experience of renting a Trax gives us, is the lightness of this vehicle together with all the first-class technical details.

  • It has a 1.8L 4-cylinder engine.

  • It is automatic transmission.

  • It has front airbags.

  • The air conditioning is also integrated.

  • It is equipped with LED headlights for day, night and fog driving.

  • It has a 3-position power sunroof.

  • This SUV also has a push button start.

  • It is a very current and electric unit, with insurance, automatic windows and mirrors.

  • It has a rear and front camera to facilitate parking.

Aesthetic details

Straight from Chevrolet, the Trax is a luxury SUV for any type of passenger. Both individuals and company executives feel privileged when driving this type of vehicle, since its aesthetic details are attractive and dazzling, despite not being one of the most equipped versions of the brand. The grill, fascia, mirrors and handles are in a single color, generating a magnificent contrast with the tone of the unit.

For your convenience, it also has a touch screen and smartphone integration system, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, it has a USB input, integrated Bluetooth and auxiliary access for MP3. The audio will also be special for all passengers, having 6 speakers inside the unit.

Characteristics of our unit

The Trax that makes up our fleet is a recent model, so it has excellent amenities and top quality equipment, adjusted to current needs. SUVs are increasingly common in the city, so we do not hesitate to incorporate them into our vehicles. Compact but safe, the Trax is here to stay in the hearts and holidays of many, as well as reaching them at an extremely affordable price.

Advantages of renting a Trax

This vehicle is one of the most comfortable at the moment. What do we evaluate? Its responsiveness, its first-class technology and the security it offers in such a small size. It is a very versatile vehicle for its size and as if that were not enough, everything fits in its trunk. Who can travel in this unit? All those who like, as long as they do not exceed 5 passengers. It is ideal for traveling with friends, colleagues or family.

It has excellent performance in the city, highway or combined. The engine has good power and low noise. The seats are comfortable for long-distance trips or city driving, and if you were wondering, it performs very well in rainy and foggy conditions. It is a very useful car for traveling with the family, but we do not rule out its use in every daily situation.


This automatic and compact 5-passenger unit is one of a kind. Chevrolet was right to bring the Trax to market and provide mobility and transportation solutions for many. You can quote this unit with us and separate it for these holidays. Renta Fast is pleased to accompany you on your trips, because service is our business.

Renta Fast goes with you.

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