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Bilingual transfers: we make arrival at your destination more enjoyable

Will you soon be visiting a country whose official language is not your mother tongue? How would it be to start off on the right foot and learn first-hand the most important facts about the place you are traveling to? At Renta Fast, we offer you transfer services to the place you prefer, in the city, to the airport or to other states. As if that were not enough, our services also include the presence of a bilingual driver or assistant. Learn everything about this amenity in car rental companies.

What does a bilingual transfer consist of?

This type of transfer is exactly the same as a common transfer, except that the driver sent to transfer the passengers knows, at least, the English language, apart from Spanish. Our company is dedicated to car rental and transfers, therefore, we do not have tour guides. However, our team will be able to provide you with all the necessary information for your stay, on the way to your destination.

Who can request a bilingual transfer?

Any person who does not speak Spanish and wishes to have assistance during their trip can request it a few hours before their transfer. Renta Fast has specialized in the transfer to and from the airport of executives from the industrial zones surrounding Saltillo. Likewise, we carry out transfers for locals, foreigners, new workers, managers and their families.

Executive transfers are an excellent way to arrive on time and in the best units to the place you need.

What do we propose? Well, personalized attention, a fluid conversation during the journey and guidance to get around the city. The mountainous landscape is one of the most frequently asked questions among our customers, which is why it can also be addressed during the trip. Our drivers and assistants are trained to make the trip several times a day and offer the information that the client needs without any insecurity during the journey.

Where are we going?

The transfers are made according to the client's itinerary. The most common thing is that we go from the airport to the hotel and vice versa, but considering that the trip between Saltillo and Monterrey lasts approximately 1h30min, we have ample time with the client. We also transport them to tourist destinations, companies in the industrial park, government institutions or anywhere in the country.

What are the advantages of transfers with a translator?

Many clients, human resources managers, assistants or other company employees request our transfer services with a bilingual translator. Definitely, it is a guarantee of the understanding of the visitors with the company and the correct development of the entire journey. We can become strategic allies for your company and ensure all the transfer services (including bilingual) that you need.

  • Qualified and bilingual drivers.

  • Comfortable, comfortable and safe experience.

  • Punctuality and education in all our services.

  • Pleasant transportation.

  • Warm and professional attention.

  • Land mobility solution for national and foreign executives and individuals.

  • Specialization in logistics and transport.

  • Discretion. Despite knowledge of the English language, our drivers or assistants are not authorized to circulate customer information.

  • Use of safe routes and with fees included in the transfer service.

  • Specialized service for companies.

  • Use of luxury vehicles for work or personal purposes.

  • Drivers who know the routes perfectly but also the needs of the clients.


Bilingual assistance service is not available at all car rental or transfer agencies. In Renta Fast, you can request it and make your trip or that of your executives more pleasant. Avoid uncomfortable travel, without sharing the stay or without necessary stops due to not understanding the language of the place of destination. Service is our business, leave everything in our hands.

Renta Fast looks like you, it goes with you.

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