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Bills: Deductible taxes when renting a vehicle

Whether you proceed as a natural person or as a legal entity, it is likely that you want to reduce monthly or annual taxes. This issue may be somewhat complicated for us if we have not declared taxes before or do not know what activities, products or services can help us reduce our contribution to the Tax Administration System in Mexico. We have good news for you! Vehicle rentals and transfers with Renta Fast will give you invoices if you request it.

What are deductible expenses?

During the year, it is normal for you to receive income and incur expenses. There are several ways to declare them before the SAT, monthly, quarterly or annually (before April of each year). But how do we pay less? By filing early and keeping proof of all of our income, products and services purchased, we can deduct or subtract some money from our final contribution.

What are the basic deductible expenses?

It is necessary to remember that each invoice constitutes a different tax-deductible expense, so it is necessary to keep each proof of expense. The same cannot exceed the tax period in question and must show that it has been useful for the natural or legal person, for the development of their economic or business activities.

The basic deductible expenses for individuals are:

  • Individual medical expenses or direct family members.

  • Education expenses up to high school or similar level of studies.

  • Interest product of INFONAVIT or FOVISSSTE credits.

  • Voluntary contributions to the AFORE.

  • Monthly salary received.

  • Funeral expenses.

  • Services pay

  • Lease cost.

  • Food / lodging / airport fees / etc.

The basic deductible expenses for legal entities are:

  • Interest paid.

  • Services provided by business activity.

  • Fees to IMSS.

  • Local taxes.

  • Services pay.

  • Leasing of commercial premises or offices.

  • Payment of wages and salaries.

  • Investments in office supplies.

  • Raw materials for the production of your goods or services.

Despite the fact that many foreign workers are part of the companies in the industrial zone near Saltillo, we cannot invoice foreigners who make their contribution in their countries of origin.

How to request an invoice in Renta Fast?

Once you schedule your transfer or rental, request the invoice from your sales advisor. To do this, they will ask you for proof of tax status and an email address to send it to later. In this way, taxable individuals and corporations can prove that they have paid for services to their providers, in this case mobility and transportation within and outside the city of Saltillo. Whether as a cost, expense or business investment, you can reduce your credits when you get your bill.

The costs of all our rental units and transfers already have VAT included. Support your expenses by working with us and taking your complement for billing. Any good or service acquired and necessary to carry out the economic activity can be a reduced part of the final payment of your annual contribution.


As simple as requesting your invoice when working with Renta Fast. Each of our services can be billed to companies or individuals and you are not exempt from it. Service is our business, that is why we offer the greatest and best facilities to our clients. Quote with our sales advisors and separate your unit or transfer from now on. Your invoice will be your best ally in a few months!

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